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Who makes use of aerial photographs?

Advertising agencies, architects, attorneys, builders, company brochures, construction companies, country clubs, engineers, environmentalists, estate agents, event organizers, farmers, factories, golf courses, industrial plants, insurance companies, landscape architects, mines, municipal departments, property developers, property owners, resorts, schools, sport events, surveyors, and tourism operators.

For what purposes?

Before and After records, production monitoring, real estate marketing, advertising, brag wall, progress reports, general planning, promotional advertising, damage assessments, case studies, legal documentation, and office decorations.

Aerial photography from an aircraft

Oblique Photo – photos taken at an angle, usually showing the horizon.
Vertical Photo – photo taken out the of the aircraft.
Scaled Vertical – vertical photo that also has scale value associated with it (useful for planning, etc).
Overhead – shot over property looking within 10-20 degrees of the vertical.

Aerial Photography Equipment

  • All photography is done in digital format.
  • We use a 31 Mega pixel camera that has the capability to produce very large files and prints.
  • We use state of the art cameras, lenses and Kodak printers.
  • We currently own 8 digital cameras, 12 professional telephoto lenses and 6 dye sublimation printers, so we will always be available on short notice.
  • We have the option to use a Hasselblad camera. The most advanced camera in existence. It produces a file of 31 mega pixels anything between 200 to 400 megabytes. Detail so clear, that you can identify number plates from a 1000ft up in the air.
  • Our telephoto lenses allow us to get those close-ups where aircrafts or helicopters are not allowed to fly lower that a certain height.
  • This allows us to deliver unmatched quality in all types of environments.
  • If you demand the best quality and service throughout South Africa, we invite you to experience the latest in photographic technology today.

Aerial Product Delivered

  • Most photographers use inkjet or laser printers to print the photographs but we will never do that as inkjet and laser prints are not synonymous with our commitment to quality. We use only the best technology (dye sublimation) printers.
  • These prints are equal, if not superior, to normal laboratory prints; in fact, these prints are guaranteed to outlast conventional laboratory prints.
  • Our prints even have a thin lamination layer over them, which make them water-resistant and fairly scratchproof.
  • Our work carries a 14 day money back guarantee if the client is not 100% satisfied with the final product.
  • Print sizes varies from Jumbo size up to A0 (84cm x 120cm).
  • We can produce a low or high resolution image.
  • We can also transfer the photograph onto canvas to give the image a artistic look.
  • We do framing and block mounting as well.

PROSHOTS Photography Aerial photography versus Blimp photography or photography from a remote controlled aeroplane

  • There is a major difference in quality. Our quality is unsurpassed and we only use state of the art cameras and lenses to get the best results for our clients.
  • We can give the client exactly what they want or need as compared to a blimp etc. that's very difficult to control because the camera is not hand held.
  • It's not always possible to use a blimp in all weather conditions but we are always available, even on short 24 hour notice.
  • For mapping it is to difficult to get the blimp on a certain coordinate, which makes it impossible to be accurate where in an aircraft or helicopter we can be.
  • Blimp photography as well as remote controlled shoots can take up a whole day compared to what can be done in one hour in a aircraft or helicopter.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about aerial photography.


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